Natasha George

Natasha George


Natasha was born in Missouri but grew up in Washington as a pastor’s kid. She loves teaching the next generation about the Bible and growing closer to God. Natasha went to North Central University in Minneapolis MN. After braving 4 Minnesota winters she gladly followed God’s direction to move back to Washington.

Fun Facts about Natasha

Natasha was a college athlete competing in shot-put and discus on the NCU Rams Track and Field team.

Natasha’s favorite worship song at the moment is “Psalm 46 (Lord of Hosts)” by Shane and Shane.

Favorite book (not including the Bible): Monument Men, really any historical nonfiction.

Favorite TV/Movie Series: Star Trek, and out of the TV series Star Trek Enterprise is her favorite.

Administrative Assistant, Social Media Director, Youth Sidekick
Tonya Senff
Lead Pastor
Russ Larson