Is God alive?

Is God alive?

There are many perspectives on what it means to be alive. The biologists’, psychologists’, philosophers’, medical doctors’; everyone has a viewpoint that may be helpful.

From that perspective, if God is the life-giver, then all life shows he is alive. But life is very sterile, distant and objective. Such life could lead to a pantheistic sense that we are alive through God and God is alive through us. It sounds deep…objectively. Such objectivity is sacred in Roe v Wade, which resorts to quantifying alive as “viable” or “survivable.” That objectivity is front and center of the question in the supreme court at the moment. But that is not the alive I mean nor want.

By alive I’m referring to intimacy; the ability to deeply relate and interact in a visceral, all-consuming, substantial way. An intimacy where objectivity is consumed in tangibility. I’m laughing…I know Cathy is saying I’m using overly big words.

From a theological perspective, some hold God is spirit. It does no good to solely spiritualize God because Jesus was incarnate. I imagine Jesus more alive than I’ve ever been. He saw, heard and sensed things which seemed he should have be incapable of sensing. That’s what I mean by alive. So intimate! Is God that alive…still? When Jesus returned to heaven did he become less alive and become solely spirit?

On the other hand, some hold God to be flesh. It does no good to solely enflesh God because Jesus returned to sit at God’s right hand. He said as much himself but also promised that this was to our advantage so that the Spirit/Comforter could come. That advantage is exactly spiritual—not limited to time and space—and therefore able to comfort all! So is God alive? If you believe Jesus’ life and teaching then, Yes!

By this we know that we abide [are alive] in him and he in us, because he has given us of his Spirit.
—1 John 4:13

It does no good to solely enflesh the Spirit in Jesus because he is in us. That is Jesus’ advantage–along with the fact he sits at the right hand of power advocating for those fully alive.

I [Jesus] came that they may have life, and have it abundantly [fully].
—John 10:10

Absorb the deep implications for being fully alive:

6 For it is the God who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

7 But we have this treasure in clay jars, so that it may be made clear that this extraordinary power belongs to God and does not come from us. 8 We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; 9 persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed; 10 always carrying in the body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be made visible in our bodies. 11 For while we live, we are always being given up to death for Jesus’ sake, so that the life of Jesus may be made visible in our mortal flesh. 12 So death is at work in us, but life in you.

13 But just as we have the same spirit of faith that is in accordance with scripture—“I believed, and so I spoke”—we also believe, and so we speak, 14 because we know that the one who raised the Lord Jesus will raise us also with Jesus, and will bring us with you into his presence. 15 Yes, everything is for your sake, so that grace, as it extends to more and more people, may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God.

—2 Corinthians 4:6-15

All scripture is from the New Revised Standard Version.


  1. Ron Ziegler

    The most ignored verse in the Bible is Rom. 8:11 is actually true. I said God help me stop drinking. HE did in one night before I believed. There are thousands of stories like mine.
    Some preach repent. God said there is only one judge but you, who are you to judge your neighbor Jms. 4:12.
    Some preach fear God. God said their fear of ME is a commandment of men Isa. 29:13 ESV.
    God’s love is unfailing.
    Richard met God (YouTube) cries talking about God’s unconditional love.
    God told Dr. Clarice Fluitt to raise the pastor who died on the pulpit and take his place. Her book is Riduculous Miracles and should be required reading for pastors.
    May God give you insight to HIS presence.

  2. Jon Stewart (Author)

    I’m confused Ron. Are you replying to this post? It’s not clear to me what this has to do with God being alive. It seems you’re simply saying I missed all the Scripture verses important to you. It’s one post. I can’t cover the whole Bible. 🙂
    Yes, Paul does say God gives us life (Rom. 8:11), but I was talking about God being alive, not us.

  3. Ron Ziegler

    Hello Jon,
    In order to be brief sometimes I leave off some information.
    Yes I am saying you and many, many Christians have missed the most important verse.
    Rev. K.E. Hagin, deceased, said everyone has access to God, but we are taught it is only special people.
    The reason God answered my request and thousands like me is he is with us.
    Bill, addicted to cocaine said Jesus if you’re real help me. Bill heard NEVER WILL I LEAVE YOU OR FORSAKE YOU.
    I did what Rev. Hagin said was his breakthrough to God and after 5-6 weeks of reading the verses on my knees I cried for two hours and felt like a 4 y/o child and I knew it was God.
    I have cried over 300 times nd so hard that snot comes out my nose. I would have been knocked to the floor if I were standing.
    The verses are Eph. 1:16-20, 2:4-8, 3:14-19.
    HE said seek ME and you will find ME Jer. 29:13.
    Too many preach fear God. Love does not keep a record of wrongs. When you feel HIS unconditional love you will understand. That is why I referenced Richard met God.
    Ken Johnson (YouTube ) heard God say I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER, EVER KNOW.
    Howard Storm, a former atheist cries talking about Jesus coming to save him.
    I’ve been healed of issues every person would see a doctor about.
    The young lady who helped my wife was healed the night before a major operation.
    2 Cor. 13:5 ESV is literally true.
    Talking to 7 teens about Luke 17:21 NIV and 2 Cor. 13:5 one of them who didn’t know Jesus said I was just healed. I didn’t know he had a problem and hadn’t prayed.
    Jesus is here now and told us in Mat. 16:28. He lives in spirit the way God lives in spirit 1 Peter 4:6, the way The Holy Spirit is a spirit, ArchAngel Michael is spirit and you are a spirit Jms. 2:26.
    The church has knowingly or unknowlingly withheld this information from people.
    Beyond Mile Marker 80 is a true story of a man on an operating table from a car wreck where his wife just died. He sees his wife with Jesus. The doctor and nurse see the same thing and travel telling people of this miracle.
    email me when you cry feeling the everlasting love of God.
    Teach your congregation about HIS love and your church will grow.
    I’m 78 and don’t have a church but have given out over 400 pictures of the Prince of Peace painted by Akiane who saw Jesus. In the movie Heaven is for Real the 4 y/o boy said that’s Him at the end of thye movie.

    • Jon Stewart (Author)

      The confusing part of your posts isn’t because you’re not brief. It’s confusing that you give all these, as I’m sure are very meaningful and moving, stories that are at best vaguely connected to the topic that I posted. Please stay on topic. What in my post leads you to believe that I don’t think these other Scriptures you’re quoting aren’t true? That’s confusing. What in my post leads you to believe that I’m not teaching my congregation about God’s love? That’s confusing.

      It seems to me you’re giving all these other stories to make the point that Jesus is alive now. That’s not a point my post missed. It seems to me you missed the point of my post that Jesus cannot be solely spirit nor solely flesh. So to be clear, Jesus ascended to heaven in bodily form (Acts 1:9). He’s still alive and we know that because he gave us his Spirit (1 John 4:13, that’s in the post).

  4. Ron Ziegler

    Hello Jon,
    Maybe I missed something in your post.
    Maybe you missed something in mine. I was trying to tell you how to experience God’s love by doing what Rev. Hagin said was his breakthrough to God so you could share it with the congregation.
    HIS love is something you can physically feel. I would have been knocked over if I would have been standing. You actually have to humble yourself to seek HIM, Rev. Hagin read the verses 1,000 times.
    Some preach about God as a theory (I’m not saying you do), but God is real.
    I’m telling you Jesus is with each of us and the stories mentioned can be researched.
    I have nothing more to add.
    There is a verse that says there are none so blind as those who will not see.
    May God bless you and your congregation and give you a revelation of HIS presence and HE will if you seek HIM.
    Let me know when you have been healed of issues a person would see a doctor about, when you have cried feeling the love of God come over you, when you say I love you Yeshua and when you can say satan you worthless abomination you will bow to me because Yeshua is right beside me.

    • Jon Stewart (Author)

      I did not miss your point.
      *My* point, which you’re still choosing to ignore, is that my post is *not* about experiencing God’s love. You continue to reply about something that is not the topic of the original post. My post is about “Is God Alive?” Please do give your input about that topic!

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